Did I Stroke Out: Jason Borne (2016)

It has taken me almost a month to wrap my head around Jason Borne. No, it’s not a complicated movie. Actually it’s straight forward. My problem processing it is due to the pacing. Jason Borne is so break neck I never had a chance to get a grip. It threw my head back in my seat like a supercharged Hemi jumping off the line and never gave up. When the end credits rolled all I was left with was a blur.

This is what I remember (keep in mind my blood was pooled at the back of my head so I might not have all the details just right):

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I Want a Dragon: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Pete’s Dragon reawakened my child-like wonder of the world. It is the story of a magical friendship that’s so wondrous it can only live for a short time. And though I knew exactly what I was in for, every step of the way, it softened my adult facade. When the inevitable time came, I teared up.

In a time of terrible remakes, Pete’s Dragon proves remakes can be fantastic.

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Add P.S.J. to the Shutdown Petition: Suicide Squad (2016)

Since Zack Snyder’s vision has taken over the DC Movie Universe I have found it increasingly hard to get into the movies. The films are struggling to understand the characters. I understand the need to do something different and fresh, but there is a core to the characters that Snyder just doesn’t understand.

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They’ve Gone Too Far: Star Trek Beyond (2016)

I never thought about reboots as fan fiction, but in a sense that’s exactly what they are: sanctioned and well funded, but fan fiction nonetheless. I think the rash of poorly made reboots is a direct result to fan fiction not being very good. Fan fiction is usually poor because those writing it are not very skilled writers. When it comes to films like Star Trek Beyond the writers should be among the best. They’re being paid enough for Christ’s sake. That doesn’t mean they’re infallible. Their problem is likely due to being too close to the material.

Or maybe the problem lies with the suits looking to cash in on a property they own.

Maybe all of the above.

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