White Guilt Got Me Twisted: The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Considering the political climate these days, should a rich, white dude be the “savior” of Africa?

The Legend of Tarzan

When I was young, I watched reruns of the Carol Burnett Show with my parents. I remember her taking questions from the audience during her opening monologues. I always loved it when an audience member would ask Carol to do the Tarzan call. I’m sure she hated it, but damn was she good. That yell is the extent of my Tarzan fandom. Tarzan is a’ight, he can communicate with animals and all that, but otherwise there’s not much going for him. I’m a Han Solo guy.

You can read my entire reaction over at Picture Show Journal.

Author: Aeryk

I am a delicate fondue of Viking and Cajun stock, with the subtly, grace and refinement of a moonshine high colonic. Writer. Cinephile. iPhonographer.

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