Did I Stroke Out: Jason Borne (2016)

Where’d I… What just… I think I watched Jason Borne but maybe I had a stroke.

Jason Borne

It has taken me almost a month to wrap my head around Jason Borne. No, it’s not a complicated movie. Actually it’s straight forward. My problem processing it is due to the pacing. Jason Borne is so break neck I never had a chance to get a grip. It threw my head back in my seat like a supercharged Hemi jumping off the line and never gave up. When the end credits rolled all I was left with was a blur.

You can read my entire reaction over at Picture Show Journal.

Author: Aeryk

I am a delicate fondue of Viking and Cajun stock, with the subtly, grace and refinement of a moonshine high colonic. Writer. Cinephile. iPhonographer.

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