Memories: The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story was still magical after all these years, despite being for young adults and suffering some ravages of time.

The NeverEnding Story

As a child I loved The NeverEnding Story. Yet, while I waited for the anniversary screening my powers of recall betrayed those memories. Namely, the specifics of the plot were vague. The more I tried to remember the more I was surprised to find that there was precious little about the story, aside from Falkor, Rockbiter, and the horse sinking in the muck, that I recalled.

You can read my entire reaction over at Picture Show Journal.

Author: Aeryk

I am a delicate fondue of Viking and Cajun stock, with the subtly, grace and refinement of a moonshine high colonic. Writer. Cinephile. iPhonographer.

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