It Looks Cool: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

There is so much baggage around the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell I have been struggling with where to start. I do not want to seem calloused by ignoring the issues, but at the same time I just want to talk about the movie. Yes, director Rupert Sanders (or whomever was ultimately responsible for casting) whitewashed the Major by using Scarlet Johansson. In the current climate that seems incredibly foolish, and while there are probably good enough reasons why (or even if there are not), I am not interested in pursuing them here.

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Who Controls the Hips? Voltron: Legendary Defender

Though I can’t wrap my head around how the controls work, the new Voltron series was pretty good.

I only watched a couple episodes of Voltron back in the 1980s. I could never get my head around the idea that five different people controlled one giant robot. Moreover, it was difficult to understand why the team would do anything in their individual lions. I mean, they always got their ass handed to them until they formed Voltron. Then out came the magic sword and slice, slice, slice, big explosion, and dead monster-robot-thing.

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Wait, What? Harmony (2016)

Harmony, the anime based on the best selling book by Project Itoh, is good. I think. Erhm… it’s complicated and perplexing.

It’s not odd for me to come out of an anime movie confused, but utterly perplexed is new. Harmony is the complete opposite of what I have come to expect from anime. Most of the time they are visually stunning, i.e. the artwork for the action sequences are incredible, they have a kernel of an interesting idea, and then there is all the exposition and whining to fill out the runtime to feature length.

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